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The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), established in 1992, is an independent, non-profit organization, whose core business is to conduct research that contributes to the effectiveness, quality, equity and efficiency of health care and health services in Ontario. Key to the knowledge produced at ICES is the ability to anonymously link population-based health information on an individual patient basis, using distinct ICES identifiers that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of individual health information. ICES is named as a prescribed entity in Section 45 of the Canadian Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA - Regulation 329/04, Section 18). Under this designation, ICES can receive and use health information without explicit consent for purposes of analysis and compiling statistical information about our health care system. Data may be collected from multiple health information custodians, including the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, physicians, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, long-term care facilities and other custodians named in the Act.

ICES data holdings may only be accessed for research purposes by ICES Scientists. The data, which are continually updated and expanded, include most of Ontario’s health services-related databases and disease cohort/registries. Furthermore, datasets are linked, which allows for a comprehensive view of health care issues across the continuum of care.

To date, ICES research has resulted in over 1000 publications. In 2011, the independent European rating organization, Scimago, placed ICES in the top 20 of 3042 research institutions across the world in their normalized impact report. ICES analyses have resulted in healthier populations and better health services, including legislation change for cell phone use while driving and changes in opioid prescribing practices.

ICES Western

In 2005, ICES and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care signed an agreement to establish ICES satellite sites across Ontario. The purpose of these satellites is to expand capacity to generate high quality health services research on a province-wide level. This expansion model creates an opportunity for groups of researchers who wish to pursue research that aligns with the ICES mission and goals, and who cannot otherwise access linked health care administrative data, to join the Institute from remote locations.

ICES Queens was the first site to be built in 2007, ICES Ottawa was established in 2010 followed by ICES UofT in 2012. ICES Western is the fourth and newest expansion site. The facility is located at the London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital. This initiative will expand the capacity of ICES to conduct research that contributes to the effectiveness, quality, equity, and efficiency of health care and health services in Ontario through an increased number of scientists and an increased breadth of scientific expertise. ICES Western will strive to advance ICES research innovation.
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